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Initial Overclocking on the DFI NF680i LT

Here are my initial overclock results using what I would call the brute force method... pretty much max out the voltages and go for broke. At this point, I'm only overclocking the CPU... I'm keeping RAM underclocked so it's not contributing to any instability. I'll get to RAM overclocking once I've determined my max CPU overclock.

The next step with the CPU overclock is to scale back voltages one at a time to see what the overclock is sensative too... Allowing me to then understand what will need to be increased to go even higher.

UPDATE: This OC errored out Prime95 after about 10min... so it's not stable yet. I'm still tuning it.

Windows Screen Shot (OCCT Stable)...

Note that Load Temps ranged from 58 to 63-deg C.

BIOS Settings: