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My Previous System

Here is an overview of my previous system (before I added my GFX card to the loop), however stay tuned for a series of updates as I build a new quad-core rig...

PC Components:

  • Asus A8N-SLI Premium,

  • AMD X2 4400+

  • OCZ PC-4000 DDR 2GB

  • EVGA 7900 GS KO

  • 2x74GB Raptor Raid0

Water Cooling:

  • Swiftech Blocks (Apogee, MCW-30, MCW-60)

  • Dual Black Ice GTs (2x dual fan rads)

  • Dual DDC Ultra's

  • Alphacool Watercooled PSU

  • Aquaero for monitoring/control

  • 4x140mm ML Yate Loons


  • Customized Coolermaster Stacker 830

Current OC:

  • 2.65GHz (265x10 Vcore=1.475V, RAM 1:1 @ 3-4-3-8)

nice, didn't know you could mount rads on the side, might try and do the same thing on my case

Any OC results or is it just for the sake of "quietness"?
I really would like to know how you mounted the rads to the fans! I'm going to try to copy you'r setup ; )

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