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Water Cooling a CoolerMaster Stacker 830

My key consideration when selecting a computer case for this water cooling system was that it have sufficient space to mount everything internal to the case while keeping the installation elegant and minimal. Therefore I spent considerable time looking at different rad mounting alternatives and the pros and cons of each given my interest in minimizing noise and doing something unique. I realized that in order to minimize noise, I would need to employ a rad/fan configuration that would maximize airflow through the chassis to minimize the need for any additional fans. I thought if I could utilize the fans that are needed for the rads to cool the rest of the chassis, I would be ahead in terms of reducing noise.

My Case Choice: Coolermaster Stacker 830 (Black)...

Ultimately, when the Coolermaster Stacker 830 became available in black, I was really drawn to the challenge of utilizing that quad fan side panel to mount a pair of dual rads. This was appealing to me for a few reasons (1) it was a very unique approach (2) mods would probably be minimal (3) the fresh air drawn into the case interior through the side panel would also ensure the entire system remained very close to ambiant temperature - particularly given the 830's outstanding ventilation all around.

Before I get into the details of my installation, here are my thoughts regarding each of the common internal rad mounting configurations...

Top-mounted Rad: In this configuration fans draw air down through the top of the case. While this is a very common practise, likely due to the ease of modding the top of the case, I don't think its ideal from an airflow perspective. In effect, the fresh air being blown into the case is "fighting" the natural tendancy for hot air already inside the case to rise and be exhausted out the top. I'm sure that whether this is a significant problem or not depends largely on the ventilation design of the case and the exhaust strategy.

Front-mounted Rad: In this configuration, fans draw air through the front of the case. This is also a very common practise, again likely due to the fact that little or no mods are required. This configuratin has great airflow (in fact it aligns with Intel's ATX spec). The only problem is the consumption of drive bays and/or the limit to rad size as a result. I definitely considered cases for this kind of installation including the Thermaltake Armor, many Lian Li models and several stacker models.

Bottom-mounted Rad: This configuration is obviously the opposite of the top mounted configuration but has the advantage of better airflow characteristics as it draws cool air upwards into the case while hot air is presumably being exhausted out the top/rear. The only potential issue with this configuration is the clearance under the case to allow for sufficient airflow as well as the space between any expansion cards on the motherboard and the bottom of the case for the rad/fans. In the end I didn't really consider this configuration seriously.

Side-mounted Rad: This configuration is not very popular likely because it would require heavy case modifications... IF the case can even support such a configuration. The Coolermaster Stacker 830 and it's recent derivatives are perfect for this kind of mounting configuration with it's quad fan side panel. My concern was whether there was enough clearance between the fans and the PCI cards to mount radiators in between...

As mentioned, one of my chief concerns was whether there was enough space between the fans and the PCI cards to mount rads... I took a risk and ordered the case as no one online would provide a measurement. It turns out there is just over 30mm of space to work with... just enough for some low profile rads! :)

The following diagram illustrates my intended loop design given this case choice...

The Coolermaster Stacker 830 also has a number of other features which I found advantageous...

  • Removable motherboard tray that can be reconfigured for normal or inverted mounting or for BTX applications. This is important to me because my computer sits on the right side of my desk and I would prefer to access it via the right side panel and not the left.
  • Extremely open design with excellent ventilation and large top blow-hole vent will allow for adequate heat exhaustion without fans with major components being water cooled and the quad fan side panel blowing cool air onto the motherboard.
  • Front door that is highly ventilated that can be taken off and/or swapped from one side to the other.
  • Top-front mounted power/reset button and front panel controls for easy access without opening the door.
  • Included a 4-in-3 drive bay device for mounting multiple hard drives in an isolated drive cage that could then be loaded in any 3 of the 9 drive bays giving me maximum flexibility in how I utilize my drive bays and where the hard drives could be placed.
  • Large vertical space on either side of the drive bay stack for running cables up and down the chassis - keeping them out of the main compartment.
  • Sufficient space behind the motherboard tray for running cables to keep them out of sight and improve the aesthetics of the main compartment.
  • Sufficient space for any size of power supply (there is enough room to mount dual ATX power supplies in the space provided).

Case Mods:

Even with all the great assets of the 830, it still needed some major/minor modding to get it primed for Project Waku...
  • Added Lian Li casters (black) to the bottom of the case. They are countersunk to the actual bottom so that the skirts cover the wheels nicely but still give it about 1/2" of clearance to roll....
  • Drilled out a 1" hole using a metal hole-saw on the top for the fill port. The 830 actually has the black top and then another aluminum top underneath that both had to be drilled out for the fill-port...
  • Since I plan to use the column of space along the left side of the drive bays for cable management, I drilled out a number of 1" and 1/2" holes along the left drive bay areas for cables to enter in/out of that area from the motherboard compartment and various drive bays...
  • I also drilled out a 1" hole with grommet for the P4 power cable which can be routed behind the motherboard tray and now come through this hole and be attached to the motherboard with a minimum of cable clutter...
  • Painted the rest of the chassis black. (Coolermaster was clearly too cheap when it came to anodizing the black chassis components). In the pics you can see my wooden computer used to do proof-of-concept assembly, testing, and tube routing, length determinations...

    Radiator Mounting:

    While it's generally accepted that the Thermochill PA series radiators are the best performing rads at moderate to low CFM, they were simply way too bulky for my application. As you know, my goal was to attach a pair of dual fan rads to the side fan door on the Stacker 830. With a motherboard and expansion cards installed, this would only allow about 30mm of space between the fans and the top of any expansion cards. Thus my radiator choice was somewhat limited. Fortunately, Hardware Labs makes the perfect rad for my situation... the Black Ice GT Stealth 240...

    These rads are great for a number of reasons...
    1. They have a slim profile as mentioned above
    2. They have tapped G1/4 BSPP threads allowing fairly universal fitting selection
    3. They have pre-tapped M4 mounting holes for 120mm fans
    4. In tests, they performed admirably compared to many other rads

    Some excellent information on rads with test results are here...

    I purchased two of these rads and mounted each one to a pair of fans first using only the middle mounting holes of the rads and custom holes on the 140mm fans. Then the fans were attached to the plexi door on the Stacker 830 using the standard fan mounting screws and holes. Thus the fans can only be removed from the fans if the fans are removed from the door first.

    No mounting hardware could be on the inside face of the rads as there wasn't enough clearance for any additional mounting gear otherwise it would interfer with the motherboard and PC inside.

    In some of these pics, you can see the wooden computer I constructed from 1/4" MDF to test fitment, etc.

    I modified the lower rad by drilling a small hole in the outlet area of the rad to insert a thermal probe to measure the temperature of the water leaving the rads. I tapped the thread to M5 to match the threads on the Innovatek thermal probe and screwed it in place and epoxied it completely to prevent leaks.

    You can also see that the rads were connected by a pair of G1/4 elbow fittings and a short length of tubing. I'll add more on the fittings when I get to that post.

    I reversed the side fan tray door so instead of being hinged towards the rear of the case, it is now hinged at the front. This was a critical mod for my rad mounting as it allows the rad inlets and outlets to be out of the motherboard area and closer to the front of the case which will still allow the door to be opened even while the system is running without excessive lengths of tubing.

It's looking great, good job. A bit monstrous for my taste, but it'll be a good performer. I'm glad you didn't go with the Thermochill mania, way too overrated and expensive. Cool idea on mounting them on the door, I've had similar ideas on mounting other components near the door, since it's generally wasted space. Only drawback is gonna be noise, but you might be able to balance it out by running everything severly undervolted...

The cool thing with this setup is that the Yate Loon fans I'm using run at 800 RPM and are dead quiet. The added benefit of using the door for the fans/rads is that the cool air from outside that blows through the rads then ends up cooling everything inside as well.... The Mobo, the GPU, etc. has cool air washing over it constantly on top of the water cooling.

Looks like a very good project so far! I like the radiators mounted on the door idea, should make cleaning the dust out pretty easy as well as being unique.

I have searched for a long time for watercooled CM 830 pictures. Yours by far is the best solution I have came across.

Did you just use some flat black paint for the chassis?

I have my 830 stripped completely at the moment and trying to design a w/c system. I was going to put a dual 120mm rad. on the bottom and a single 120 on the rear and connect them/ But I really like your idea better. And I hope you don't mind if people borrow some of your ideas for their mods.

Will keep an eye on your blog.

blowing air from outisde, passing thru the fans, wouldnt that make it slightly warm air? somewhat heating the case?

Looks great. Only problem I see is the absence of a fan shroud in the rad/fan assembly. I believe that a shroud is essential to get the most out of your radiator. It is evident that there is no space for it unfortunately.

Shopping the cheap battery,you can see from here.


I love the build and I admit that I'm going to copy about everything with the exception of 2 two pumps and I'm leaving the orientation on the right hand side. I like the swtiching of the side fan shroud which I'll also mimic. I'm curious as to the decision to use 2 dual 120mm radiators, what influenced you to go that route? Are you going to use single or dual pass? I can't wait to see your future posts.

could you tell me how much space you have for the video cards? Or how wide the wood blocks you made are? i'm looking to do a similar setup, but need to make sure i have at least 6 inches of space between the mobo and radiators. Email me at mikebrumm86(AT)yahoo


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